Our advantages

1. Quality
We carefully select joiner's deals for the production of solid wood floors "Porta Vita". The main determining criteria are wood drying and high quality geometry. Porta Vita products are manufactured on modern high-precision equipment, which allows to achieve stability, accurate geometry and humidity (8 ± 2%) in compliance with all standards. Having passed a full production cycle, the massive board is ground, brushed, coated with oil “Osmo” (Germany).
2. Environmental Credentials
The wood grows in ecologically pure regions of Ukraine. Oils which is used in production, are based on natural vegetable oils and wax. They penetrate deep into wood, while wood retains its ability to breathe. Dry oils are safe for humans, animals, and plants. Our knowledge is the result of more than a two decades of experience, supported by the achievements of colleagues and partners from around the world.
3. What makes us different
Solid wood “Porta Vita” board is not just an element of decor - it is a demonstration of your taste and thoroughgoing approach to the quality of life, the desire to surround yourself with genuine things. Solid wood floors emphasize the sophistication of the interior, allow to set the style and a certain atmosphere of the whole room. Brings dynamics to our lives, helps to put the necessary accents and fills the elements of the interior with meaning.
4. Practicability
Solid wood “Porta Vita” board is oil-treated with solid wax, the surface is easy to clean. Has water and dirt resistant properties. The surface treated with hard wax oil is resistant to wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, juices, milk, water, etc.. Spots from the treated surface can be easily and completely be removed. To restore areas exposed to heavy load or a damaged surface, is enough to clean surface and apply a new layer of oil. At the same time there are no visible places of imposing layers of oil on each other. It does not need sanding and painting the entire floor.
5. Warranty
Our company guarantees that the solid wood board will not crack, change color, change its geometric dimensions and humidity of the parquet if it is properly stored. The warranty period is for 12 months. After laying the parquet warranty obligations are passed to an installer.


Years of experience, knowledge, production and processing of wood, made us experts in the producing of solid wood boards. We use high-quality world class oil coatings made of pure natural raw materials. Due to this, wood retains the ability to breathe, it does not have paint coatings of other insulating layers. The factory deliberately refuses the use of varnishes, does not use the means hardening under the influence of UV rays, forming a film coating of synthetic agents. We leave wood the way nature has created it. TM "PortaVita" has become synonymous with high quality in the world and provides a high standard of product quality. The philosophy of our company is to be useful, to produce an environmentally friendly product. Product of TM "PortaVita",does for you!